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Welcome to the website of the Interchurch Families International Network.

(Feature article can be found below.)

This site provides rich resources for the journey to Chrtistian unity which interchurch families live. Of these, the Journal, produced over a period of more than 10 years, and reflecting the experiences of interchurch families and the theology which undergirds their journey, must be counted among the most valuable.

The Interchurch Families International Discussion Group enables us to share joys and sorrows, to discuss ways of dealing with immediate issues which arise as a consequence of living our marital unity within churches which are divided.  Feel free to join.

Enjoy and, if you have comments or questions, please contact me, Ray Temmerman, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



When God puts us back together again
(With the aid of our willingness to cooperate)
This great church will be marked by
The dignity and scholarship of the Anglicans
The order and sacraments of the Roman Catholics
The warm fellowship of the Methodists
The Presbyterian desire for good preaching
And the Lutheran respect for sound theology.
There will be the Baptist concern for individual salvation
The Congregational respect for the rights of the lay members
The Pentecostal reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit
And the Quaker appreciation for silence.
We will find there the Mennonite sense of community
The social action of the Salvation Army
And the Reformed love of the Bible
All wrapped in the Orthodox reverence before the mystery of God.

From "A Survival Guide for Ecumenically Minded Christians"
by Father Tom Ryan CSP, NOVALIS 1989