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the logo The 10th International Conference of Interchurch Families was a wonderful time, of love and laughter, of sorrow and tears, as people from around the world gathered to tell and hear stories of God's work in our midst.

Keynote speakers from Canada, the United States, England, and the Vatican shared theological insights and personal experiences.

Together, we walked the path to Christian unity.

We hope that as you read through the presentations, and look at the pictures, you may gain some sense of the vibrancy and richness of faith present when people of different Christian traditions wholeheartedly recognize and celebrate the gift both spouses and traditions bring to the Body of Christ.

Living the Path to Christian Unity

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
August 1 - 6, 2001

Photo of Conference Participants

Conference Agenda

Fruits of the Conference

Theme Presentations

A Spirituality for interchurch families

Country reports

Sub-theme sessions (Thursday and Friday afternoon)

Further information, contact:
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Continuing the strong tradition of previous 
International Conferences 

England, Ireland (North and South), Scotland, Switzerland, USA,

        • Associations of Interchurch Families (England, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, USA) 

        • Northern Ireland Mixed Marriages Association

        • Foyers Mixtes (France, Switzerland) 

        • Konfessionsverbindende Familien (Germany) 

        • Other national and local groups

Embracing unity as a joyful action of the Spirit.



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