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Welcome to the website of the Interchurch Families International Network.

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This site provides rich resources for the journey to Chrtistian unity which interchurch families live. Of these, the Journal, produced over a period of more than 10 years, and reflecting the experiences of interchurch families and the theology which undergirds their journey, must be counted among the most valuable.

The Interchurch Families International Discussion Group enables us to share joys and sorrows, to discuss ways of dealing with immediate issues which arise as a consequence of living our marital unity within churches which are divided.  Feel free to join.

Enjoy and, if you have comments or questions, please contact me, Ray Temmerman, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This article was published following the International Conference of Interchurch Families, held at Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 2005.

Letter from Archbishop John Bathersby 

Archbishops House
790 Brunswick Street
New Farm
Qld 4005

27th July 2005 

My dear Interchurch Families,

I very much regret I cannot join you for the important International Conference at Newcastle (18-21 August). It is sad irony that there is a clash of to excellent gatherings - your own Conference in Newcastle and the World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. I have been committed to the latter for quite some time now but that does not lesson the heartburn I suffer at missing your important Conference. I certainly wish you all the very best and keep you in my prayers at that time.

Interchurch families live on the cutting edge of our Christian search for that unity prayed by Christ. You are a sign to the world of what can be achieved in the love of Christ, despite the differences that exist. There is a heroism in your faith and love that inspires those of us privileged to witness it as fellow members of the body of Christ. I will certainly pray that the Holy Spirit will be in your midst in Newcastle and I’m sure you will do the same for us in Cologne.

Sincerely in Christ.

+ John Bathersby
Archbishop of Brisbane